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bellevue botanical gardens
Bellevue, Washington
Discovering a Quiet Refuge
Bellevue Botanical Gardens is set on 36 acres on a quiet side street in Bellevue. It's so quiet in fact that I missed it for years.
Bellevue Botanical Garden has so much to offer.It is a lovely walk with a series of themed gardens intended to assist local gardeners in landscaping their own homes. It's wheelchair accessible trails invite elderly garden lovers to enjoy their passion despite the limitations that time has placed upon them.


A Look at the Viewing Pavillion
As soon as I saw the in the ground cover garden's viewing pavillion with it's blend of Northwest and Asian architectural styles, I fell in love. It's clean lines, tranquil atmosphere and rich, warm light invite visitors to sit and contemplate the loveliness of their surroundings. Overlooking the ground cover garden, the view from the pavillion is exquisite.
A bridge, waterfalls, and a terrace complete the lovely garden. The tranquility is enhanced by the splashing of the fountains and a gentle breeze and the shade provided by surrounding trees makes it cool even on hot summer days.
by Dianne Bengtson
photography by Steve Robertson and Dianne Bengtson

No Admission fee

Parking is free

No dogs or other pets allowed in the gardens

Professional photographers should check the Bellevue Botanical Gardens website for information about using the gardens. There are fees involved.

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Bellevue Botanical Garden


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