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deception pass

Deception Pass State Park

Whidbey Island, WA
Deception Pass's Green Waters

Initially the most striking thing about Deception Pass is the emerald green sea water. The view from the bridge is astonishing. To really appreciate it, park on the north side of the bridge and walk across. There are excellent rest room facilities and soda machines to stock up on bottled water.

Exploring Deception Pass State Park
After you've seen the spectacular views from the bridge and taken care of basic needs then further indulge in the sparkling beauty of this area by hiking some of the 38 miles of trails down to the beach or out to one of the various view points. The park is known for its breath-taking views, old-growth forests and wildlife. Rugged cliffs drop to meet the turbulent waters of Deception Pass.

The Maiden of Deception Pass

There is a story pole at the north side of the park on Rosario Beach. It represents the Maiden of Deception Pass whose name was Ko kwal al woot. The sculpture was done by Tracy W. Powell in 1983 under supervision of Samish Elders for the Samish Indian Nation and Skagit County Centennial celebration.

Getting to Rosario Beach
Rosario Beach is a bit of a drive from the main parking lot and campground. Getting there is a bit confusing. The best way to find it is to purchase the park map available when you purchase your parking pass.
How Deception Pass Was Named

The name "Deception Pass" came from Captain Vancouver's realization that what he had mistaken for a peninsula was actually an island. Captain Vancouver named the island "Whidbey" in honor of his assistant, Joseph Whidbey who was there with him when he realized this mistake. Captain Vancouver named the inlet where he anchored his ship "Deception Pass" to commemorate this mistake.

Deception pass is worth the trip.
by Dianne Bengtson
photography by Steve Robertson


Fees and Charges:

Washington State Parks charge fees for day and overnight users.

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