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marymoor park
Redmond, Washington
Marymoor Park
Marymoor Park is more than just a ..."fill in your idea of Marymoor Park". Whether you think of the off-leash dog park, the playing fields, climbing rock, playgrounds, or concerts, it's not likely you have thought of everything
Wildlife Refuge
One of my favorite features at Marymoor is the trail next to the off-leash area. That part of the park is a designated wildlife refuge. The path is designed for minimum impact from the visitors who go through it. Walking along the quiet tranquility of that path, observing the thriving native plants, and breathing in the really fresh air always puts me in a good mood.




Wooden path protects fragile wetlands at Marymoor Park .
by Dianne Bengtson
photography by Dianne Bengtson

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Marymoor Park

Agave Cocina and Tequilas


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