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carkeek park
Seattle, WA
Carkeek Park is an approximately 23 acre multi-use park with woodsy trails, beach, tidal pools, playground, and even railroad track with foot bridge overpass. It is best classified as a neighborhood park with environmental consciousness and an environmental educational focus.

As avid hikers and photographers, we went to Carkeek Park with expectations that it couldn't meet. In spite of the deep woodsy atmosphere and the tall ferns, it didn't really inspire us. As you can tell from the pictures the day we went was a rainy overcast autumn day which didn't enhance the experience. Some of the trails were closed and the 3-5 miles of unbroken trails needed for our training regimen were not available. Not every park is right for our outings and this park does not suit the needs of adult hikers.


The park's largest attraction is environment education. From the reestablished run of Chum salmon to the intertidal sea life, if you want to give your children the opportunity to learn about the over 30 varieties of sea life or the flora then this is a good place to go. It has many interesting short hikes that are ideal for children and allow them to be involved with and learn about the outdoors..
by Dianne Bengtson
photography by Steve Robertson



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