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stirrup lake

Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

sign for Stirrup Lake
The hike to Stirrup Lake is one of two hikes on which we didn't encounter another human being. That alone makes this trip a standout hike.

stirrup lake

trail map to Stirrup lake
After our experience at Talapus Lake when we took the wrong trail and walked many miles in the wrong direction, I actually went to REI and printed out a National Geographic map of the trail and surrounding area. Ultimately the map wasn't as useful as the directions provided by our favorite guidebook but it was fun to try the new technology.
The reference that has been most valuable is a guidebook called Seattle Outdoors Hiking & Cycling: Puget Sound and Cascades by Bob Dreisbach. It is a no nonsense encyclopedia of hikes with clear directions to reaching the trailhead, equally clear directions on the trails and notes about what to expect. The hikes are organized sequentially by region, making it easy to choose from the hikes available in a particular area.
In this case, just as Mr. Dreisbach promised, the route was 3 miles round trip and the elevation gain was only 400 feet.
by Dianne Bengtson

photography by Steve Robertson

Be Aware

Mosquitos: Be prepared with repellant and suitable clothing.

Direct Sun: Sunscreen or hats recommended

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