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green lake park
7201 East Green Lake Dr N.
Seattle, WA

An Afternoon at Greenlake

8/19/2006 - It was a perfect Saturday afternoon, too perfect to stay home. We decided to go to Green Lake. We stopped at Spud Fish and Chips across E. Green Lake Way for lunch and then set out to find parking.

On the grass by Green Lake

Getting a Parking Space

I didn't bother trying to find parking in the lot next to the playing field even though it's close to the restaurant. Instead I went south and park in the lots around the bottom of the lake. I almost always do. Once again this turned out to be the right strategy. We had a choice of several shady spots right by the stadium.


Duck on Green Lake

What to do if you aren't walking around the lake
This was a short outing to take the cameras out and enjoy the park. We had no real intentions of walking the 2.8 miles around the lake. Instead we were observers both with eyes and cameras.
So we watched and laughed at the cute dogs of all shapes and sizes. Then we went by the bleachers down to the water. The water was green and sparkling. There were boat docks jetting into the water from both the right and left. We watched people walk along them to get farther out on the water.
We took photos of the flock of ducks swimming around the docks. They weren’t of any one breed, but some seemed reminiscent of Mallard or Wood Duck. Others I couldn’t begin to identify. They made great subjects and we didn't even have to get them to sign a model release.
The day stayed soft and warm as the shadows grew long. We moved to keep up with the disappearing light. That is how we found the dappled light under the trees. Under the fir trees, we had our own photo shoot. The lovely light yielded images with a subtle golden glow.
Green Lake is a place I go again and again for the way it makes me feel to be there. This trip was just as lovely as I expected.
by Dianne Bengtson
photography by Steve Robertson

Be Aware:

Dog owners should know that the lake has periodic blooms of algae. At those times it is unsafe for dogs to drink from the lake.

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