Posting to Facebook from a WordPress Blog. Don’t forget SEO in an effort to be social.

Let’s make this easy. Yes you can post to your Facebook page from a Word Press Blog, but no you shouldn’t.

Why not?

A blog is a great way to add content to your website and improve your rankings on Google. Great content gets “juice” from search engines like Google. Being the only place where this content can be found gives your page “juice”. If you post it twice, Google will split the juice between the two sources. All that effort to create great content and the results are divided by two for search engine ranking.

WordPress html is not exactly the same at Facebook html (called FBML). Your carefully formatted blog post will be a homely replica of your original post with triple spaces between the paragraphs. It will also leave out all the images. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what do you lose by leaving it out?

Blogging… about social media no less!

So I am blogging…finally. Blogging is the fun part. Now I get to say whatever is on my mind and publish it with very little effort.

Now about Facebook plus Twitter, plus Google plus and the list goes on. It’s easy for me to say that you should be on social media. It’s easier still to tell you to post links on Twitter until your Klout score goes through the roof and get a Facebook page going. No it doesn’t replace your website. You should do this until your time is swallowed like the shore at high tide and washed away with nothing to show for it. What would be the point of that, you wonder?

So to save you from that, I hit the beach. This was supposed to be quick, after all I’ve been on social media since MySpace was cool or hot or whatever it was. Yet, I spent months head under water (it was definitely that tide) only now to emerge completely soaked in options and opportunities and most important connections to people of all kinds.

Now it’s time. We will have to have to have the talk. You know the talk. So what do you want to accomplish? How is the web part of your marketing now? But now it’s going to be something like how do you network now? Who is it important that you connect with? Who do you want to connect with? What do you want social media to do for you?

Before panic sets in, let’s talk about what the answers to those questions could be.

Making Contact – It is that easy.

Real-life networking and social media marketing go together. A strategy for online marketing can be to incorporate real-life networking. This is great for getting “Likes” on your Facebook page.

Website owners often think it is easy to say, but how do you do it?

A few days ago, I took my camera to the Kirkland Farmers Market in search of colorful and interesting subject matter.

I asked a few vendors for permission to take pictures of their wares. All of them agreed, although varying degrees of enthusiasm, but one web savvy business owner was happy to let me take photographs and invited me to post them on her Facebook page.

This was a bit of wisdom on her part. She gets a happy customer since I bought some of the heirloom tomatoes I photographed.

I met her need to I am likely to go to her page and “Like”. If I post the pictures then she gets free pictures of her stand at the farmer’s market. In this case she took advantage of an opportunity. I did “Like” her page and I am going to post the pictures.

This interaction is a great example of a fundamentally social networking. And a sound strategy for generating Facebook content.

in a spontaneous moment I asked her if I could take pictures of her produce

I met her with a smile and we discovered. It moved her into a comfort zone that moved into online marketing.

If our goals are


Effective social media promotes customer engagement. Social media pros say this in their sleep.

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