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bridal veil falls
Gold Bar, WA
The hike up to Bridal Veil Falls, in the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is steep and long, but the generally shady trail is well-maintained and every once in a while the tree cover opens to reveal a spectacular view of the valley below or the peak above.
We chose this hike one day when we couldn't find parking at Wallace Falls State Park. This hike is stairs and stairs and more stairs. The reward for the effort is an experience with far fewer other people. There were other hikers, many huffing and puffing as I was but there weren't nearly as many as there were across the way at Wallace Falls. This trail is more difficult and the area at the top of the falls is more exposed

We were climbing a particularly steep part of the trail about 2/3rds of the way up to the falls and through an opening in the trees I saw the tip of the peak of the mountain we were climbing jutting up, cutting the blue, blue sky. The blue was that impossible blue that is only seen on a clear day in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and the peak looked for all the world like an stone age tool spearing the sky, rough, made in the moment, sharp and shaped to accomplish a purpose. The integrity, the strength of the rocky material, I’ve put to my purpose much as that ancient hunter put it to his own. I climb the unyielding blade to the sky and penetrate a place that my body’s properties could not reach alone. It’s beautiful, that spear piercing the sky and inspired I surge upward along it.
by Dianne Bengtson
photographed by Steve Robertson

Be Aware:

Sheer drop without railings

Extreme elevation gain:


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